About Artemis Brew

Coffee + Science
Artemis Brew was born from a passion for coffee and science.

The term "speciality coffee" in our eyes means absolute attention to detail and endeavoring to always improve technique, quality and service. We believe this tier of coffee quality should be available to all; cold brew coffee is the perfect platform to achieve this. It's an approachable, ready to drink iced coffee that delivers quality flavour anytime, anywhere with no knowledge requirement. No bitterness means it doesn't need milk or sugar, so it's also healthy.

Through drinking our cold brew, you experience some great flavour. You also support a coffee farmer and his employees in producing a superior quality coffee bean. You support the roaster who devotes his time to preparing the bean the best way he can. And finally you support us in achieving our goal.
Sourcing quality, producing quality, making a fully natural product and finally; providing you with the best cold brew you've ever tasted.

About the brew

We brew in cold, filtered water for 16 hours,
triple filter for clarity and refreshment,
then bottle and label by hand.

It's a slow process but it's worthwhile.
This cold process delicately teases out flavour in a more gentle way than hot brewing, resulting in a super smooth and flavourful coffee with practically no bitterness.

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