About Artemis

Quality Sustainability Traceability
Our three core values that drive everything we do.
Born from a passion for coffee and science, at Artemis we're on a journey to bring high quality, innovative coffee products to people who need them the most. Whether it's a coffee nut in need of a pick me up, or a bartender searching for consistency and speed, we've got you covered.

Through drinking our cold brew, you experience some intense, adventurous and interesting flavours.
You also support a coffee farmer and his employees in producing higher quality coffee.
You support the roaster who devotes their time to developing the green coffee the best way he can.
And finally you support us in achieving our goal:

"Sourcing and producing quality, making a sustainble, traceable and fully natural product and finally, providing you with the best cold brew you've ever tasted."

Whats Brewing?

Colombian, La Estrella del Ostro
Preperation Process: Washed
Roasted by: Alex Kragiopoulos, North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds.

Burundi, Dukorerikawa
Preperation Process: Washed
Roasted by: Alex Kragiopoulos, North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds.

Brazil, Fazenda Lages Preperation Process: Natural
Roasted by: Alex Kragiopoulos, North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds.

How do we brew?

We take some of the UK’s finest quality speciality coffee,
brew it in cold filtered water for between 12 and 24 hours,
triple filter for clarity and refreshment,
then bottle and label by hand.
Extracted using time rather than heat we naturally tease the flavours
out creating a more balanaced, naturally sweeter and less bitter coffee.

Fully natrual, vegan friendly and almost zero calories.
It's a slow process but it's worthwhile.

What coffee do we use?
What's speciality coffee?
Is our coffee fair trade?

The term "speciality coffee" in our eyes means absolute attention to detail and endeavoring to always improve technique, quality and service. We believe this tier of coffee quality should be available to all; cold brew coffee is the perfect platform to achieve this. It's an approachable, ready to drink iced coffee that delivers quality flavour anytime, anywhere with no knowledge requirement. No bitterness means it doesn't need milk or sugar, so it's also healthy.

The farmers we source from around the world clearly know how to grow great quality coffee, so we're 100% committed to making sure that they are well-compensated for what they do. Unlike Fairtrade's minimum standard of pay, we ensure that farmers are paid a higher amount proportionate to the quality rather than the quantity of their coffee production. This method incentivises them to improve all aspects of production: The better the coffee, the more money they earn. Speciality coffee is good for the farmer, the customer and the industry as a whole.
Sounds good, doesn't it?

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